The skills gap is growing, are your people ready?

Upskill your workforce for the innovations of tomorrow.

With an expected human capital shortage of 85 million by 2030, you must act fast to bridge the skills gap and future-proof your businesses. Now is the time to equip your team with the skills, competencies and capabilities they need to stay ahead in the digital era. And Stellar Labs is here to help.

Traditional learning fails.

1 Billion workers need to be upskilled by 2030
$ 13.5k per employee/year lost on ineffective training
Only 12% of learners transfer skills from training to the job

High impact learning cultures succeed.

The ability to learn faster than competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage’ - Arie de Geus

Successful organisations are learning organisations, but only 10% of organisations have a High Impact Learning Culture.  Stellar Labs' DNA includes the key ingredients to achieve a high impact learning culture.

Stellar Labs DNA - People; Science; Process; Technology; Data

People are the glue of learning.  Everyone who impacts on performance is part of the system.

Science-based learning is natural.  Improves credibility and decision making.

Evidence-based Processes ensure learning sticks and translates to future-proof skills.

Technology enhances engagement, blended learning, memory, sharing & support.

Data to measure progress, personalise learning and show Return on Investment.

How we can help your business.


Embrace the digital revolution and future proof your business with the help of Stellar Labs. Create results focused learning experiences that suit your needs.

L&D Audit.

Change behaviours, boost performance, increase return on investment, position L&D as a business enabler.

Digital Learning Coach

Train skills, change behaviours and build habits with a digital coach fuelled by neuroscience.

Training Programmes.

Career enhancing at every level from new starters to high-performing professionals.

Stellar Labs is your learning partner.

Upskilling the workforce for the innovations of tomorrow.

We get straight to the heart of your learning needs. Everything we do is designed for immediate impact. Enjoy maximum return on your time and your training budget. Sharpen your skills and future proof your workforce today.

Companies that trust us.

We're helping the world's best known brands drive performance and beat the skills gap.

Why our clients love us?

group of people in a meeting, sitting in bean bags
1. Expert and Immersive.

Every learning experience designed by Stellar Labs is backed by evidence from science and industry experts.  It's fully immersive and personalised ensuring success, every time.

2. Workplace ready.

The most important part of learning happens on-the-job. All Stellar Labs experiences include activities to put your learning into action straight away.

3. Personalised support.

We empower learners to have the confidence they need to progress in their learning journey. Providing feedback along the way to reinforce and refine skills.

4. Any device, any time.

Our learning experiences allow you to learn at your own pace, and access content from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. You have the latest content at all times.

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