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At Stellar Labs we have found a way to solve the skills gap backed by science and research to achieve the best performance and return on investment. Learners are energised and engaged to master high-demand skills and capabilities . We focus on effective transfer and results-driven solutions to help people and organisations thrive today and lead the change into tomorrow. The world is changing and we face a global talent shortage. Stellar Labs provides the answer – and the competitive advantage.

Our Story.

Before Stellar Labs’ story started in 2019, co-founders Raf Seymus and Stella Collins were on separate paths leading to the same goal.

Raf was the entrepreneur whose passion for talent development and technology had seen him start a business in 2014 devoted to accelerating the careers of young people in IT, science and engineering. When he sold it six years later, it had become a multi award-winning company with a multi-million euro turnover.

Stella was known as a Brain Lady – an expert on the practical application of science-based learning. She had trained thousands of professionals in brain friendly principles in more than 20 years in L&D and was the bestselling author of Neuroscience for Learning and Development.

And it is her groundbreaking book and their passion for people and performance that brought Raf and Stella together.

Our Mission.

In his previous company, Raf had identified an ever growing skills gap in the technology sector and was searching for the answer. When he read Stella’s book, he knew she would be the perfect person to partner with on this venture.

Together, they created a hybrid methodology to upskill digital sector workers and beat the technological skills crunch. Today, Stellar Labs is the home of science based training. We use cutting edge, evidence-based techniques that get results – every time.

We know what makes the difference between good and great. Let us show you how and join the learning revolution!

Our research partners.

Together with Edubron, the research department for social sciences and education from the University of Antwerp, we are conducting research that has three objectives:

  • Optimise the feedback dialogue between mentor and trainee
  • Measure the added value of programmatic assessment
  • Identify individual patterns of learning and transfer using a combination of learning analytics and offline behavioural observations to gain insights into the learning process.

We collaborate with a cross-sector of industry experts to achieve this goal.

This research project is backed by VLAIO (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship).

Learning Networks.

We are active members of international learning and technology networks. All our work is powered by cutting edge research as a verified member of The Oxford Review. We drive performance through evidence based learning.

All our designers are certified by the institute for learning transfer and we guarantee a transfer from learning environment to working environment.

Our trainings are accredited by ITOL, the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

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