Comprehensive, practical programmes.

We know what makes the difference between good and great

You will learn in interactive workshops and at your own pace and convenience. Every programme is built with the learner in mind. This means that personalisation is at the top of our list. Read on for more information on how you or your colleagues will learn.

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Modular programmes

Our key to your success.

We use a modular approach to create our programmes. This way we can incorporate different learning tactics and create complete programmes where trainers can provide feedback to steer the learner in the right direction and master the topic.

Digital Preparation

Entry into your digital learning journey. Self-paced digital preparation and updates to prime you with all the necessary knowledge before and after the Labs.

Mentoring & Feedback

Personal mentoring and feedback  will stretch, challenge and refine your skills.

Spaced Learning / Repetition

Our mobile app brings you spaced repetition activities to improve recall and embed the learning.

Extension Activities

Regular checks and nudges for up to 6 months keep knowledge fresh and relevant, strengthen skills and help to build professional networks.

How you will learn.

The right blend for maximum impact.

Learn at your own pace before a Lab session.

No nasty surprises or on-the-spot pressure. We supply you with all the relevant content prior to each Lab so you can fully prepare at your own pace. You'll be encouraged to complete this before the Lab starts.

Expert and Immersive.

Experience live online sessions with our global network of experts trained in our learning methods. Class sizes are limited, giving you more individual attention.

Workplace ready.

Put your learning into action straight away. On-the-job activities after each Lab enable you to practice new skills in your own working environment.

Strategies to enhance recall.

During the programme you will receive nudges to complete spaced repetition activities to move knowledge from short-term to long-term memory.

Personalised support.

We give you the confidence to progress along your learning journey with coaching and feedback to reinforce and refine your skills.

Any device, any time.

Learn at your own pace with easy access to content on your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

Career boosting certification.

Enhance your professional profile with personalised certification to prove you have successfully completed each programme.

Keep coming back for more.

You’ll receive full access to your personalised learning environment for 1 year. This includes any changes we make to the programme because we want to keep you ahead of the curve.

Get on track for future jobs.

Your future starts here and now

Explore our range of training programmes, that have been co-designed with international experts and our learning scientists. Our science-based, brain friendly methodology is the foundation of all our effective training programmes.