Effective. Evidence-based. Efficient.

Perfect learning programmes do exist. They’re based on science and powered by technology.

And our all-new L&D Audit tool helps you get to your perfect learning programme, quicker than ever before. Advising you on the best blend of learning initiatives, unique to your own organisation’s requirements, the L&D Audit tool will boost learning performance and ROI in no time.

How it works.

Data Driven.

Each organisation and their approach to learning is unique. So the first step is for you to input your data into the L&D Audit tool, from your learning culture, all the way through to your constraints and resources available.

Smart Algorithms.

The smart algorithms get to work - weighting each element of your learning interventions to determine the potential impact and value to your organisation. You can tweak and change your blend to make sure you walk away with the optimal blend.

Generate return.

The L&D Audit tool then answers the question every c-suite executive asks: What return can we expect to see? The software produces a detailed report explaining the probability of transfer and the ROI, based on key parameters.

Overcoming your biggest L&D challenges.

One of the biggest challenges faced by L&D professionals is proving ROI. But just because something is difficult to measure, doesn’t mean we should ignore it.

Research shows that evidence-based, blended learning is the single most effective way to upskill people. But the perfect blend is different for each organisation, for a multitude of reasons. Our L&D Audit tool collates information on the range of factors that contribute to effective learning, such as the process, human factors, technology and learning culture, to generate the perfect blend - with a full cost analysis.

The only tool you need to boost learning ROI.

This easy-to-use online tool will fast-track your journey to smarter L&D decisions that drive organisational success.
It’s time to stop presenting hunches to The Board. Use the L&D Audit Tool’s detailed report to convince them about your L&D plans.
You’ll immediately get a report plus actionable tips that you can apply in your organisation, straight away.

Transforming L&D, forever.

A message from the brains behind the L&D Audit tool:

"Traditionally it’s accepted that the results of training are hard to measure because so many other factors affect the likelihood that training leads directly to measurable, quantifiable outcomes.

However, just because something is hard to measure doesn’t mean we shouldn't try.

Research shows that evidence based, blended learning is the most effective way to upskill people. We designed the L&D audit because we couldn’t find anything else on the market to identify and quantify the multiple factors which take into account the science of learning and have an impact on effective transfer of learning into workplace skills. We wanted a tool to help clients identify the best solution to their problem and measure the return on their investment based on sound inputs."

We will transform your learning, forever.

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