Transform your learning.

Change behaviours, boost performance, increase return on investment, position L&D as a business enabler.

Together we'll scope clear outcomes and expectations with the clients, followed by an analysis of the existing learning ecosystem. We can build on this to transform your learning culture. This allows us to set a roadmap with evidence based advice and follow-up recommendations.

The process.

We use the Stellar Labs DNA of a Learning Culture as a basis for the audit and to make recommendations to increase the impact of learning for the learners and the organization. We identify opportunities to continue your journey to a transformational learning company.

1. Identify Expectations

Target Audience: L&D Team

Agenda: Outcomes - Expectations - Measures - Roles/Responsibilities

2. L&D Clinic

Target Audience: L&D team and key stakeholders

Agenda: Business context - Current design and delivery process - data and measures in place - desired impact of activities - target audience - internal learning support

3. Analysis and reporting.

Target Audience: Stellar Labs team

Agenda: Analysis of existing learning ecosystem - Full report on findings - roadmap with advice - support to L&D - further steps

4. Feedforward session.

Target Audience: L&D Team

Agenda: Presentation of the insights - setting the roadmap into action for short-, mid- and long-term

Transforming L&D, forever

"Traditionally it’s accepted that the results of training are hard to measure because so many other factors affect the likelihood that training leads directly to measurable, quantifiable outcomes.

Research shows that evidence based, blended learning is the most effective way to upskill people. We designed the L&D audit because we couldn’t find anything else on the market to identify and quantify the multiple factors which take into account the science of learning and have an impact on effective transfer of learning into workplace skills. We wanted a process to help clients identify the best solution to their problem and measure the return on their investment based on sound inputs."

Don't just take our word for it.

We will transform your learning, forever.

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