Effective, evidence based learning.

We know what makes the difference between good and great

We get straight to the heart of your learning needs. Everything we do is designed for immediate and lasting impact. Enjoy maximum return on your time and your training budget. Sharpen your skills and future proof your workforce today.

Traditional training fails.

1 Billion workers need to be upskilled by 2030
$ 13.5k per employee/year lost on ineffective training
Only 12% of learners transfer skills from training to the job

We move away from training and aspire towards learning

Traditional Training

Move away from

Myth of passive knowledge absorbers

Out of date models / learning theories

Competition, isolation, expert view only

One size fits all

Forgettable, single event training

Unstimulating presentation - sitting and listening

Emphasis on testing rather than learning

Theoretical knowledge – no work context

Time wasted - Forgetting/ retraining

No tangible results

Future Learning

Aspire towards

Learners making new neural connections

Cutting edge, evidence-based techniques

Co-operation, peer support, social learning

Blended delivery – right tools/ best results

Learner focused, personalization

Strong memory links, spaced repetition

Enjoyable physical learning – whole brain and body

Growth mindset, focus on performance

Real and contextual skills practice

Time invested - sticky knowledge and applicable skills

Data driven, measurable ROI

Standing on the shoulders of giants​.

Relentless research, practical experience and many years on the front line of learning: that's the secret to our methodology. But we don't stop there. To build on this knowledge and bring you relevant, science-based learning that works, we collaborate with industry leading experts.

Stella Collins - Cp-founder of Stellar Labs
Stella Collins

Our co-founder is author of 'Neuroscience for
Learning and Development'

Our research project

On learning analytics with the University of Antwerp aims to support learner success and organizational return on investment.

Heads of Growth

We are active participants in international learning and technology networks

Learning Scientists

Our training tracks are
co-designed with our Learning Scientists and our specialist Knowledge Partners

Advisory Board

We have experts from business and learning in our advisory board.

The MASTER model.

This is our process to create the most effective training out there.

Stellar Labs Master Model
Motivate Minds

Engage, inspire and promote your innate motivation - what's in it for me?

Absorb Information

Multisensory materials, tools and input make learning stickier.

Search for Meaning

Explore, experiment and experience to create meaning and context.

Trigger memories

Creating strong memory hooks for transfer to long term memory.

Exhibit learning

Test, practice, apply, evaluate and consolidate knowledge and skills improving speed to performance.

Review to retain

Spaced repetition and recall ensures people remember for the long term.

Our methodology applies to topics like:

Complex Business Skills

Business and functional analysis

Data interpretation & presentation

Change management

Project management

Complex technical Skills

Cyber Security

AI & Machine learning

Cloud Computing

Data science




Creativity & innovation

Conscious learning

Business writing

Exponential thinking


Company values & behaviour

From awareness to company wide adoption and integration

Company culture changes

Compliance & Procedures

Successful implementation, adoption and behaviour change by all stakeholders

Introduction & master classes

For all subjects

The right blend for maximum impact.


Learn at your own pace before a Lab session.

No nasty surprises or on-the-spot pressure. You start your learning prior to each Lab so you can fully prepare at your own pace.

Practical Learning

Expert and Immersive.

Experience live online sessions with our global network of experts trained in our learning methods. Group sizes are limited, giving you more individual attention.

Apply learned skills

Workplace ready.

Put your learning into action straight away. On-the-job activities after each Lab enable you to practice new skills and build habits in your own working environment.

Continuous nudges

Strategies to enhance recall.

Programmes are full of strong memory triggers and spaced repetition nudges to move knowledge from short to long term memory.

Personal guidance

Personalized support.

We support social and peer learning and give you tips to get your manager involved.

Full accessibility

Any device, any time.

Learn at your own pace with easy access to content on your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

Future proof skills

Career boosting certification.

Enhance your professional profile with personalized certification to prove you have successfully completed each programme.

Stay ahead of the curve

Keep coming back for more.

You'll receive full access to your personalised learning environment where you can collaborate and share.  You'll also find any updates we make to programmes to keep you ahead of the curve.

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