Cyber Security Foundations.

Protect your future, become a security professional

This programme will give you the professional skills, knowledge and attitude to assess, manage and report on cyber insecurity issues to reduce risk and build cyber resilience in your organisation.

Why Cyber Security is critical.

The latest figures from IBM show the average cost of a data breach is $3,920,000. And that 11% of total costs persist into the 3rd year after an attack.


of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.



of companies’ folders are properly protected, on average.



of employers report a shortage of cyber security skills.


Learn the foundations of cyber security.

By following our programme and by achieving these outcomes.

Information Security and Cyber Security

Discover the general terminology and principles

Ethical Hacking

Identify the steps in the cyber kill chain and build cyber resilience

Security Frameworks

Explore multiple frameworks and how they are applied in business cases

Risk Management

Define and rate risks to make more informed decisions

Incident Management

Discover how to assess, manage and report on cyber security issues while maintaining business continuity

Password compromisation

Explore how to crack passwords using hashcat and protect yourself against this

You’ll be exploring the following tools and frameworks.

How you will learn.

24 Hours of Deep Learning Time.
9 hours of guided learning (6 live online sessions of 90 minutes) and 15 hours of self-paced learning (Digital Preparation, Work Based Actions and Spaced Learning).
Up to 6 months of follow-up.
Continue building expertise with follow-up activities until 6 months after the programme and continuous access to your learning environment. 
Continuous mentoring and feedback.
Our expert mentors provide mentoring and feedback during the full programme, stretch activities will be provided on the learning platform. 
Learning tailor-made for you.
Access a personalised learning environment on your device of choice. We deliver your programme using the latest insights from computer science, neuroscience, data science and social sciences. 

Your mentor.

Meet our knowledge partner.

Matthijs Nelissen is co-owner of Cyber4Z, dedicated to cybersecurity consulting with Dutch and international clients.

He has thrived for over 15 years in IT with a specialization in security, ensuring clients maximise their security through risk management, projects and audits. He is currently security manager at a major chip manufacturer where he implemented security risk management processes enabling them to maintain their position as market leader. He also assesses and audits the ISO 27001 standard.

Detailed programme.

The programme consists of 2 modules

The two modules are split over a longer period of time (see timeline) . You'll learn in your own time and in 2 full day Live Labs, facilitated by our trainers.

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
Information Security and Cyber Security

Digital Preparation:

  • General terminology and principles
  • Security Control
  • Social Engineering

Live online Lab:

  • Terminology Sketching
  • Blackhat and whitehat hacking
  • Cyber Kill Chain applied
  • Malware types and how to recognize them
  • Password compromisation in business

Work Based Actions:

  • Setting up phishing campaign

Spaced Repetition:

  • Set of nudges to move knowledge and skill from short to long term memory
Security Frameworks and risk/incident management

Digital Preparation:

  • Risk management likelihood and impact
  • Risks in your current business position

Live online Lab:

  • Defining and rating risk
  • Implementing countermeasures
  • Risk register building
  • A multitude of security frameworks
  • Business continuity after a cyber security incident
  • Crisis management

Work Based Actions:

  • Create your incident response plan for a possible attack scenario within your organisation

Spaced Repetition:

  • Set of nudges to move knowledge and skill from short to long term memory

Advisory board.

International experts who validate our programme.

Every Stellar Labs training programme needs to be up to date with the business needs. To ensure this, we have an international advisory board for each programme. Each member has multiple years of experience in the field and business. They validate our programme and make sure we stay ahead of the curve.

The full learning experience.

All our programmes are built using a modular approach.

Learn at your own pace before a Lab session.

Our methodology allows us to prime you with the necessary knowledge for each lab at your own pace. You’ll be encouraged to finish this before the lab starts.

Expert and Immersive.

Experience live online sessions with our global network of experts trained in our learning methods. Class sizes are limited, giving you more individual attention.

Workplace ready.

Put your learning into action straight away. On-the-job activities after each Lab enable you to practice new skills in your own working environment.

Personalised support.

We give you the confidence to progress along your learning journey with coaching and feedback to reinforce and refine your skills.


Career boosting certification.

Enhance your professional profile with personalised certification to prove you have successfully completed each programme.

Financing options.

Full investment

€ 1.797

excl VAT, payable in 4 payments of € 449
Employer sponsorship
Receive full or partial reimbursement from your organisation.

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