Learning Agility 1:
Conscious Learning.

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Why Agile Learning?

You learn and adapt to change daily. Right now you are using new technology, working differently, learning independently, handling complex information in a volatile environment, studying for qualifications, and yet still expected to perform at your peak.

Agile learners can stay on top of these challenges, but the reality is most people haven’t been taught the skills of learning. This training will teach you how to adapt faster and how to perform the best you ever have.

What to expect.

Conscious Learning is a 6 month programme, made up of four key modules, each designed with you in mind.
From understanding your needs to remembering longer and turn knowledge into practice - this training will show you how to be conscious about what you learn.
  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
Motivation & distraction
In this module you’ll learn how to make real impact from the start:
  • What’s in it for me?
  • How to get your brain in peak learning mode
  • Brain hacks to maintain motivation and energy for learning
  • Challenges of learning and how to persist even when you feel it’s tough, technical or tortuous
  • Techniques to reduce distractions and boost your concentration
  • The why and how of learning from others
Making sense of what you learn
Prevent common learning challenges with evidence based training. In this module you will learn to:
  • Practical, proven methods to handle information overload
  • Cognitive overload and how to prevent it
  • Tips and techniques to turn theory into action
  • Multiple intelligent strategies to learn smarter
Stickier memory
Join the dots from modules 1 and 2 and memorise more:
  • How good is your memory?
  • Why forgetting is vital and guessing is a winning strategy
  • Brain fueled memory tools to use every day
  • How stress affects your memory – and what to do about it
  • Bust memory myths to build long term memories
From learning to doing
Learn how to take your training to the next level and:
  • Practice makes permanent – discover how to practice the right way
  • Vital steps to learn from your mistakes and your successes
  • Using data and harnessing feedback to drive your performance
  • How to successfully change your habits, again and again

Don't just take our word for it.

How you will learn.

20 hours' deep learning.

The Conscious Learning programme is carefully curated to include:

  • 8 hours of live online Labs.
  • 12 hours of digital preparation, work-based activities and spaced learning.
6 months of support.
This training programme is like no other. We’ll stay by your side for 6 months, giving you all the support and guidance you need while you put your learning into action.
Mentoring and feedback.
We know mentoring and feedback are crucial steps in training. Your expert mentor and your peers will encourage and challenge you to achieve your goals throughout this training programme.
Tailor made for you.
This digital-first course stands out from the crowd. Access your personalised learning environment from our best-in-class platform and app. Complete, update and track your progress, while you stretch your skills and improve your outcomes.

Your learning timeline.

This programme starts way before the live labs. Your learning journey starts with self-paced digital prep to get you lab ready. Followed by live online sessions, and continued support. This programme is truly the perfect blend.

Your mentor.

Stella Collins is an acknowledged expert on brain-based learning, Chief Learning Officer at Stellar Labs, one of the Brain Ladies and author of sell-out book ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’.

She inspires audiences at international learning conferences and has trained thousands of people in brain-based learning. She regularly consults, designs and delivers face to face, virtual and digital training, and knows the methods deliver a genuine return on investment.

She has a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Human Communication, is a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and is currently working on a research project with the University of Antwerp.

What you will gain.

Knowledge & insight
  • Brain hacks to harness your natural learning abilities
  • Choose the best learning strategies whatever your situation
  • Tap into how your memory really works
  • Discover an effective learning process
Practical Application
  • Getting started when you’re not motivated
  • Reduce distractions and boost your concentration
  • Reduce information overload
  • Practice and persist even when it gets tough
  • Transform your learning into action
Improvement & impact
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills faster and more often
  • Improve your memory
  • Change habits more easily
  • Learn to grow from both success and failure
  • Reduce your stress and enjoy learning

Conscious Learning.

€ 797

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We are KMO Portefeuille certified. Receive partial reimbursement from the Flemish government.

What's included

  • Access to our best-in-class learning platform for 1 year
  • Toolbox of techniques and tips to apply to your learning + bonus ebook
  • Checklists and templates to speed up your workflow
  • Support and mentorship for 6 months
  • Complimentary online questionnaire to identify and build your personal learning strategies

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