Transform Your Learning Culture - crash course.

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Learn the tools, techniques and strategies you need to manage the process to build a learning culture in your business

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Why take this crash course?

With an expected human capital shortage of 85 million by 2030 (Korn Ferry), you must act fast to bridge the skills gap and future-proof your businesses. Now is the time to equip your team with the skills, competencies and capabilities they need to stay ahead in the digital era.

In the past 7 years learning innovation consistently delivered >9% improvement in outcomes leading to growth, productivity, transformation and profit (Towards Maturity, The Transformation Journey).

This course will make sure you are ahead of the curve and don’t get left behind, giving you a 360 view of the tools, techniques, strategies and frameworks you need to master the essentials of a learning culture.

You're perfect for this course if...

You’re a slightly more seasoned professional with a background in Learning and Development, Organisational Development, Human Resources, Training or workplace development. You’re familiar with the language of learning and won’t be put off by a few buzzwords.
Chief Learning Officer.
More strategies to build a learning culture.


    To integrate training and HR to drive effective performance.
    Head of L&D.
    Practical steps to upskill all your employees.
    Operations Director.
    Understand how learning improves business performance.

    This course will equip you to:

    Influence all stakeholders to support a learning culture. 

    You will build your professional credibility and raise awareness of the organisational value of L&D across the organisation

    Focus on upskilling, results and performance through learning. 

    You’ll improve productivity, sales and profit. You’ll create learning communities and self directed learners who learn in the flow of work

    Identify the best learning technologies to meet people and organisational requirements. 

    Upgrade your own digital toolkit and get to grips with learning analytics.

    Want a more detailed breakdown of the Crash Course?

    You will walk away with:

    Advice from industry experts like Simon Howson-Baggot from Linkedin Learning and Laura Overton, founder of Towards Maturity. 

    Assessment and clear insights on where you are now. 

    A roadmap with concrete next steps. 

    The DNA of a learning culture.

    The five pillars for successful transformation.

    Stellar Labs DNA includes people, science, process, technology and data which influence each other for building a learning culture, leading to higher business performance, skills mastery and conscious learning agility.

    Want a more detailed breakdown of the Crash Course?

    Don't just take our word for it.

    The ROI of taking our Crash Course

    Statistical data from surveying our alumni and the towards maturity report.
    Increase your customer satisfaction by 21%
    4.5 out of 5 say they'd recommend our crash course to others
    Increase your revenue by 11%
    Decrease your costs by 36%

    Your facilitator.

    Stella Collins is an acknowledged expert on brain-based learning, Chief Learning Officer at Stellar Labs, a LinkedIn Learning author, one of the Brain Ladies and author of sell-out book ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’.

    She inspires audiences at international learning conferences and has trained thousands of people in brain-based learning. She regularly consults, designs and delivers face to face, virtual and digital training, and knows the methods deliver a genuine return on investment.

    She has a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Human Communication, is a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and is currently working on a research project with the University of Antwerp.

    Here's what your course will cover.

    Day 1 - Fundamentals
    • Why your organisation needs a learning culture to survive
    • Identify your challenges to building a learning culture
    • DNA – key ingredients to transform your culture
    • How to get buy-in and influence your key stakeholders for success
    • Ignite a learning revolution for all your people – from the top down, bottom up and everyone in between
    • The science you need to move from traditional training to a culture of performance
    Day 2 - Taking Action
    • Move towards learner centered training that meets organisational needs
    • How to harness your current content for performance and productivity
    • How to choose the right learning technology
    • Digital dos and don’ts
    • Move from happy sheets to credible results
    • Get started with learning analytics
    • Write a strategy to kickstart your learning culture

    Standing on the shoulders of giants​.

    Relentless research, practical experience and many years on the front line of learning: that's the secret to our methodology. But we don't stop there. To build on this knowledge and bring you relevant, science-based learning that works, we collaborate with industry leading experts.
    Our co-founder

    Stella Collins

    is author of 'Neuroscience for
    Learning and Development'

    research project

    on learning analytics with the University of Antwerp supports learner success and organisational ROI. 
    We are active participants in international

    learning and technology networks

    We have an expert

    advisory board

    for each of our topics plus a learning advisory board 

    Ready to make it happen?

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    Here's an exclusive sneak peek inside our immersive platform. One week before the start of your course you will receive access and you can work through online activities at your own pace as preparation for the live sessions. 

    Immersive and personalised.

    Live online lessons from a global network of experts. Class sizes are limited, giving learners a personalised learning experience, every time.

    We give learners the confidence to progress along the learning journey with coaching and feedback to reinforce and refine skills.

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    What’s the level of this course? Can I take it if we’re just starting to think about learning culture? What if we’re already on the way to a learning culture.

    We love working at any level of learning maturity, and we believe that small steps can garner big results. This course will help you to define quick-wins and long-term plans to ensure you become a more effective learning organisation, quickly and efficiently. The materials take you through everything form start to finish but if you’re ahead of the game you can skip some of the exercises. You will find our action plans, checklists and templates useful and we’ll share researched and curated resources to take you deeper. Whatever level you’re at you’ll learn from hearing about other peoples successes, we’ll point out the pitfalls to avoid and show you the low hanging fruit you might have missed.

    Can I find all this information online for free?

    In theory of course you can. We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience widely and our mission is better learning for a better world. We want all organisations to have a strong learning culture ensuring they thrive – not just survive. There’s plenty of information out there. But it’s taken us years to bring our knowledge and experience and that of our experts together and structure it so it’s easy for you to work with. We know that content alone is only a step on the path to real learning and change – and on this programme we’ll support you to experiment, test and implement what you learn. As far as we know, there are no other organisations out there with our specialist blend of evidence, research and practical, pragmatic experience.

    Why should I learn from Stellar Labs instead of other providers?

    Because we practice what we preach. Not only will you learn useful information and knowledge but you’ll be immersed in a brain based learning environment from which you’ll learn far more than you expect. Our whole team, designers, facilitators and our advisory board are armed with the latest research, strategies and techniques and our aim is to share them with you. We actively promote collaboration and peer to peer learning and we regularly witness the impact of a shared problem being solved together. Our goal is that we equip you with all you need to transform your learning culture.

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