Personal Resilience.

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Why Personal Resilience?

Resilience is essential if we want to perform well and maintain our health and wellbeing. It is a skill we can all develop and it has an impact on every aspect of our life. In a world where constant change is the new normal, it is crucial to our success.

The term ‘resilience’ means different things to different people. Programmes can vary significantly in content often with little or no measurement of improvement or impact.

This programme is for you if you are looking to help yourself (or employees) to:

  • Be aware of, monitor and measure improvements in personal resilience
  • Implement strategies to optimise and sustain your performance at work
  • Support long term health and wellbeing
  • Deal with stress and remain calm under pressure
  • Manage energy levels, outlook and response to challenges
  • Achieve short-term and long-term success

What to expect.

Personal Resilience is a 3 month programme, made up of six key modules, each designed with you in mind.
From understanding the science and impact to practical ways to take control of your future - this course will transform the way you think about resilience.
  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5
  • Module 6
Strong Foundations
In this module you will:
  • Use questionnaires and technology to establish a personal baseline and observe your improvement throughout the programme
  • Understand the significant impact of resilience on health and performance
  • Identify personal changes that will have an impact on your physical health and resilience
  • Learn the neuroscience behind habit change and where most of us go wrong
  • Identify and select your own small changes that will have a big impact

Manage state and emotion
In this module you will learn to:
  • Observe your own changes in state and the impact on you.
  • Be aware of your different states, how frequently they change and the impact on your energy, motivation, behaviour and how others respond to you.
  • Identify your triggers
  • Adopt techniques to manage and adapt your responses in real situations
  • Experience the impact of and identify ways to spend more time in your optimal state
Deal with pressure and adversity
Building on module 2 you will:
  • Recognise different types of stress and the impact on you
  • Learn about bio and neuro feedback and use biofeedback to monitor and improve your resilience
  • Explore tools and build your own personal strategies for real situations where you feel under pressure or stressed
Manage energy not time
You will:
  • Improve your energy levels to achieve results. 
  • Explore different types of energy and how these link to resilience
  • Learn the science behind and adopt practical strategies for:
    • managing your mental energy
    • focusing on the important things
    • maintaining your motivation

Have a powerful mindset
You will:
  • Adopt a powerful mindset. Know what you want to achieve and have confidence in your abilities.
  • Understand the power of mindset and its impact
  • Clarify your goal and address your limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Learn about the ‘retrograde effect’, how to break patterns and sustain change
  • Develop a toolkit to improve your confidence and self-efficacy in challenging times
Persist and perform
Review, build on and continue to apply everything you have learned.
  • Create your plan to continue to build and monitor your resilience
  • Explore what it takes to succeed and the power of connection and communication
  • Learn the science behind ‘grit’ and ‘ferocity’, it’s link to success and what you can learn from others
  • Identify any barriers and put in place strategies to ensure your long-term success

How you will learn.

24 hours' deep learning.

The Personal Resilience programme is carefully curated to include:

  • 12 hours of live online Labs.
  • 12 hours of digital preparation, work-based activities and spaced learning.
3 months of support.
This training programme is like no other. We’ll stay by your side for 3 months, giving you all the support and guidance you need while you put your learning into action.
Mentoring and feedback.
We know mentoring and feedback are crucial steps in training. Your expert mentor and your peers will encourage and challenge you to achieve your goals throughout this training programme.
Tailor made for you.
This digital-first course stands out from the crowd. Access your personalised learning environment from our best-in-class platform and app. Complete, update and track your progress, while you stretch your skills and improve your outcomes.

Your learning timeline.

This programme starts way before the live labs. Your learning journey starts with self-paced digital prep to get you lab ready. Followed by live online sessions, and continued support. This programme is truly the perfect blend (scheduling of the live labs may vary).

Your mentors.

Tina has over 10 years of experience designing and delivering the highest quality training. An ITOL certified trainer, she has trained trainers, leaders and managers to develop others and improve performance.

Sven is a professional certified coach that uses the outdoors to help individuals grow and bring groups together. Through his experience as a high level judo athlete, rock climber and mountaineer, he has built a profound understanding of the mind in stressful situations. He has a way of connecting to people that creates an environment of trust.

What you will gain.

Knowledge & insight
  • The latest neuroscience and evidence behind building and measuring resilience
  • Gain insight into your personal why
  • Explore a variety of robust tools to improve your resilience
  • Build your own personal toolkit
Practical Application
  • Motivation to make changes
  • Identify changes that will have the biggest impact for you
  • Know what to do and apply your personal toolkit in given situations
  • Monitor progress and impact
  • Support yourself to continue to develop after the programme
Improvement & impact
  • Monitor and measure results throughout
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Remain calm and effective under pressure
  • Adapt and thrive in challenging situations
  • Sustain performance in the long-term

Personal Resilience.

€ 1497

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What's included

  • Access to our best-in-class learning platform for 1 year
  • Toolbox of techniques and tips to apply to your learning
  • Checklists and templates to speed up your workflow
  • Support and mentorship for 3 months

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