3 years of Stellar Labs!

Pop the champagne! Last week, we celebrated 3 years of Stellar Labs. Here is a fast recap of what we have been up to in the last three years.

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3 years of Stellar Labs!
October 6, 2022
3 years of Stellar Labs!

Pop the champagne! Last week, we celebrated 3 years of Stellar Labs. 🍾

To celebrate our anniversary, we went out for dinner with our wonderful talented team in Mechelen. It was great to see (almost) everyone together. We’re excited as we continue our journey to fulfil our mission and bring on the learning revolution.

As well as looking forward, it’s sometimes enlightening to look back, so here is a fast recap of what we have been up to in the last three years. We’ve come a long way.

It all started on 27 September 2019, when we were 3, Raf and Stella, our co-founders, and Bernd Smits our first employee. We were focused on upskilling in core business and technical skills like cybersecurity and resilience. Stella commuted every few weeks from Spain until she moved to Belgium at the start of 2020. Shortly after that, Kayleigh Clark and Tina Harris from Stellar Learning also joined Stellar Labs.

By September 2020, we had key clients like InnoEnergy, Kalvista, and Swedbank, and changing circumstances prompted us to move to a focus on learning culture, digital learning and training trainers. Our learning scientist Karen Mouws joined the team, which was additionally enhanced by our expert advisors, and our plans were evolving to automate and upscale. We were deep into our collaboration with the University of Antwerp to explore how data can enhance learner motivation. Before and during corona we tested a few co-working spaces, but we still worked mainly from our homes.

Sept 2021 – Jaan Couvreur joined us as a senior learning scientist, and valuable clients like Etex, AMS, ASML, Seasalt, Proximus, Toreon, and Melexis started projects with us and are still with us today. To kickstart our digital learning capabilities and to scale our business, we raised funding to purchase the AI-enabled, data-rich, Onsophic platform. Our world was starting to look quite different but our mission remained much the same.

During the past year, we recruited Tom Devos, Jan Pannecoeck, Nik Torfs, Kevin Dendievel, Thomas Elliott, Callum Clark, Thomas Cardon, Felipe Pessina and Michael Mattan to create a top-notch product and tech team.

Sep 2022 – Now, we have become a fully remote business with 14 colleagues across Belgium, the UK and even Dubai, 20+ international clients, and we are fully focused on building the world's first AI-enabled digital learning coach and upskilling platform fuelled by neuroscience. We’re strengthening our marketing team with the expertise of SaaS product marketer Charlotte Curl.

Our birthday highlight has been to welcome our very first clients to our Stellar Labs platform in September. Thank you Vinted, Krauthammer, Bridgethorne and Proximus.

We are hugely grateful to have our team, our advisors, our clients and all our supporters like you on board. To thank you for your trust and support you can find informative, practical resources on our website. Please use them because they are there for you. Why not can span the years with us and listen to our first podcast with Ger Driesen, read a chapter of Stella’s book or download our latest whitepaper ‘The Learning Data Cookbook’.

For the future, we’re aiming for the stars and invite you to come along on the ride.

And, in case you’re wondering, this is our mission statement:

Bring on the learning revolution! We unlock people potential through effective, science-based learning with measurable results.

We’re always curious, so what would you do to deliver a mission like ours?

Get in touch!

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