Bernd Smits

Learning Scientist


Stellar Labs

Bernd is a learning scientist at Stellar Labs where he connects the dots between computer science, data science, neuroscience and social sciences to provide the most effective and challenging training programmes.

Bernd has an engineering degree in computer science and electronics combined with a strong interest in and affinity for practical learning, mostly focused on the technology and business sector.

You will always see him learning something new to implement in his work and he’s prepared to take on challenges every day, even when they’re not always in his job description. He works together with our knowledge partners to design and create our training programmes ensuring our digital platform is in tip top condition for learners and mentors alike.

At Stellar Labs, Bernd is our in-house geek with an invaluable, deep knowledge of a broad range of technology. And he has a secret geek power - he’s got fantastic communication skills, so he can transform the technologically complex into something clear and useable.