Accelerate upskilling within your organisation

The skills of tomorrow trained today

AI-driven Personal Learning Assistant & Upskilling Platform
fuelled by neuroscience​.

Real transfer of learning to the workplace

Learning reinvented, for your enterprise challenge.

The great resignation

Good people are leaving your company taking their expertise with them. Capture their knowledge and skills forever: fast, effectively and at scale. 

Drastically improve retention

Reduce staff dropout with our Personal Learning Assistant. Develop your people through learning in the workplace.

Effective upskilling

Accelerate performance with effective skills transfer to the job, behavioural change and habit formation.

Discover our methodology

The GEAR model

Check out our evidence based learning methodology backed by learning science.

Stellar Labs GEAR model

What is the added value?

We solve the skills gap with our special DNA blend of people, science, process, technology and data to achieve the best performance for your specific need.

4 X more skill transfer

Staff are up to four times more effective on the job after participating in an upskilling track with the Stellar Labs platform.

Embedded in the workplace

We make learning happen on the job with behavioural analytics and social learning principles for effective transfer.

Backed with science

They key to engage skilled people is to use our powerful science-based learning methodology.

Meet our platform

Powerful upskilling with AI

Personal Learning Assistant

Motivates, supports and guides your people through the whole upskilling process. The assistant engages them to learn effectively and efficiently, without being intrusive.

Training Design Assistant

Helps domain experts design successful upskilling programmes without the need for a training background. Create better learning in less time than ever before.

Get insights into your ROI

The platform aligns key organisational goals and objectives with data and learning analytics to show you measurable ROI.

Want a sneak peek?

3 pilots available.

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Want to build business critical skills, not just knowledge?

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