Train Smarter.

Give your training the neuroscience advantage

Train Smarter is your passport to becoming a better trainer.

This carefully curated programme includes live Labs, guided study, and practical feedback.

Apply the principles of brain-based learning design to design and deliver learning that sticks.

ITOL certified. Scientifically proven. Built with you in mind.

Get better results.

Better for engagement

Connect with your learners online and face-to-face.

Better for business

Design and deliver training that meets business objectives.

Better for you

Gain career enhancing techniques to take your training up a level.

What you will gain.

Knowledge & insight
  • The neuroscience evidence behind effective learning
  • The secret to engaging virtual sessions
  • Robust models to help you succeed
Practical Application
  • Align your training to business outcomes
  • Increase retention levels
  • Tips and tools to apply immediately
Improvement & Impact
  • Drive performance by enhancing skills and behaviours
  • Boost confidence and competence
  • Achieve measurable results

How you will learn.

30 hours' deep learning.

The Train Smarter programme is carefully curated to include:

  • 18 hours of live online Labs.
  • 12 hours of digital preparation, work-based activities and spaced learning.
6 months of support.
We stay by your side for up to 6 months after the Train Smarter programme finishes. Regular extension activities will keep your knowledge fresh, strengthen your skills and embed the change.
Mentoring and feedback.
Our expert mentors will encourage and challenge you to achieve your goals. Interact with peers in the Labs and on the platform. Watch them deliver. Gain feedback on your presentation. Share and succeed.
Tailormade for you.
Access your personalised learning environment and get the most from your experience. Complete assessments to track your progress. Stretch your skills and improve your outcomes.

Train smarter is for you.

This programme will work if you:
  • design and/or deliver training.
  • are a subject matter expert.
  • need learning to align with business outcomes.
  • want to future proof your career.

Your mentor.

Tina is an ITOL certified trainer and has many years’ experience in designing and delivering the highest quality learning. She has trained trainers, leaders, managers and subject matter experts to develop others and improve performance.

Tina understands the science behind effective learning and is the ideal mentor for your Train Smarter journey.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what her clients say:

  • ‘Her enthusiasm for what she does and her ability to craft a compelling story lifts you and carries you along with her’.
  • ‘Tina is a true professional, fantastic coach and a charismatic facilitator’.
  • ‘She genuinely cares about her clients and is always focused on the outcome’.

Train Smarter programme.

As well as the 6 live online labs, you will benefit from:

  • Self-paced digital preparation
  • Mentoring and peer support
  • Work-based learning activities to practice and transfer your skills
  • Spaced repetition via our mobile app to embed learning
  • Guided follow-up and ongoing access to the platform

  • Lab 1
  • Lab 2
  • Lab 3
  • Lab 4
  • Lab 5
  • Lab 6
Lay Firm Foundations


  • What makes an impactful introduction?
  • How to make learning more effective
  • Experience what is happening in a learner's brain
  • 6 steps to designing and delivering effective learning
  • Get people to maximum receptivity and keep them there
Build the structure


  • How to focus on the learner, not the content
  • Experience and immerse yourself in the process
  • The best way to transfer information
  • How to make the learning stick
  • How to design and deliver creatively
  • Create a solid structure to support improvement


  • How to plan and structure learning to ensure results
  • Use blended media more effectively
  • The neuroscience of digital learning
  • Experience & explore the benefits of live online learning
  • Takeaway top tips for going live online
Raise the roof


  • Introduce intelligent tools
  • Evaluate and measure success
  • Improve your confidence both offline and online
  • Engage and interact with your virtual audience
  • Tips to encourage continuous improvement
Finishing touches


  • Buddy with fellow participants
  • Finish designing your virtual session
  • Individual mentor coaching & support
  • Prepare to go live
  • How to give and receive feedback
Your grand design


  • Deliver part of your session
  • Give and receive valuable feedback
  • Share and steal more creative ideas
  • Identify and overcome barriers to success
  • Close with impact

Your learning timeline

This carefully curated programme includes digital self-paced preparation to get you Lab-ready; live Labs to explore, share and address your challenges; personal mentoring from our experts; work based actions to put your new skills into practice; spaced repetition exercises to embed the learning; and guided follow-up and access to the platform to support you on your onward journey.

The full learning experience.

You may be working remotely but it doesn’t mean you’re learning alone.

Advisory board.

International experts who validate our programme.

Every Stellar Labs training programme needs to be up to date with the business needs. To ensure this, we have an international advisory board for each programme. Each member has multiple years of experience in the field and business. They validate our programme and make sure we stay ahead of the curve.

Investment options.

What's included
Your investment includes the full experience above
Plus you will:
  • Receive an illustrated workbook with even more tips
  • Complete an online assessment relating to your personal learning strategies and progress
  • Create a toolbox and action plan to apply immediately
  • Work on designing and delivering your own session


Full investment

€ 1497*

excl VAT

(*) We are KMO Portefeuille certified. Receive partial reimbursement from the Flemish government.

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