Matthijs Nelissen

Co-owner, Sr cyber security consultant



Matthijs Nelissen is co-owner of Cyber4Z, dedicated to cybersecurity consulting with Dutch and international clients.

He has thrived for over 15 years in IT with a specialization in security, ensuring clients maximise their security through risk management, projects and audits. He is currently security manager at a major chip manufacturer where he implemented security risk management processes enabling them to maintain their position as market leader. He also assesses and audits the ISO 27001 standard.

Matthijs has embraced our science based learning methodology with huge enthusiasm recognizing that it’s just a better way of learning. He is an engaging, creative and inspiring learning facilitator with in depth industry knowledge.

Having caught the “gamers virus” at an early age, he still loves to play games, both online and offline.

Matthijs applies the same values that Cyber4Z has in his daily work: Hard work, open communication and fun!